Voice Solutions
  • Communications are a vital part of todays business landscape, with so many lines of communication, the features sets must be aligned with your business
  • Enfinilabs is capable of establishing an efficient environment for your organisation. With the addition of many features that allows you to integrate to other geographical company locations, centralising your communications and empowering you to take your business global.
  • Professional, trained technicians, and low-cost service plans are just the beginning when Voice Solutions coordinates the installation of any service.
Eliminate Hasless

No complex equipment to set up or maintain.


Save, No equipment leasing fees to pay each month and save 50-80% off your monthly phone service.

Infinitely Scalable

Add more users instantly with just a phone call.

Reduce Cost

Ditch your landline bill, ditch the costly equipment.

Easy Installation

Plug in your phones and call it a day!

No Experts Required

No need to hire additional technical staff.

Smartphone Apps

Get the most out of your hosted IP phone on the move!

Pick Up & Go

Use your hosted IP phone system anywhere.

Flexible Options

Find the rate & equipment that works best for you